• Maxim Daniel Poulin

What really makes sense in all this?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Are we conscious of what or who we truly are, and of what real responsibilities we have towards life? If we look at ourselves, at our path, have we made enough, are we enough? These questions can sometimes raise in our mind, but our heart knows deeply that we are already complete and perfect. We are just searching ways to express or exteriorize our essence, who we are. There are many ways, can we say nowadays, many paths, many colors to choose. Which one are the ones that matter? What are we all concerned about?

One day, I received a great message: “Reunite and realign in love”. Love is what makes sense of all. It’s the essence of life. It contains all the colors and all the layers together in light. There is life on Earth with all the natural needs it implies as a human being and there is life in the other dimensions the spirit can travel to. As we grow in creation, our power of expression evolves and so our responsibilities in all those realms. We should always feel that who we are or what we are makes sense with life. We should always be centered on what means or feels more love.

Art is the expression of feelings and emotions in different forms. Life is an art, a great master piece of art. It is so because it implies you to feel it through your body and your energy. You feel all the currents, the forms, the levels, the spaces and the waves comprised in unique moments. Then you choose to create among this, to express what inspired you, what makes sense for you. You are an artist of life participating to creation and dancing in energy.

The question is what really makes sense? What to love? How to love? Values like respect, authenticity, benevolence, etc., are the bricks and mortars of love. What we should love is life itself: our life, our body, our home, our family, our nature, our planet, etc., in the simplest and purest forms of expression. Realigned on energies, colors, flows, etc., that are the most respectful, authentic, and benevolent for life. Can we find or define together what are they and how are the best ways to express them? Can we reunite in realign together? That implies a lot of openness and non-judgement. Are we willing to make a change, willing to do what is needed to make a difference?

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