• Maxim Daniel Poulin


Updated: May 11, 2019

Revive the notion of common sense to humanity for those who are for and on the path of a different humanity.

A "gap" has been created, clearly dividing humanity into two. On one hand, those who work consciously or unconsciously for the good of humanity and then others; that is to say those who still hesitate or those who will never choose to act, listening to their fears or desires, their egotism, preservation of the little material comfort, because their heart spoke, decided for them.

The path to a different humanity, is a path where Humanity with a capital "H" is synonymous with Dignity and Equilibrium.

Humility is a state of noble consciousness, a planetary line of conduct necessary for the improvement of life on Earth.

You have to understand and respect the Free Arbitrator. It means to stop wanting to play the saviors. There is no savior who obliges and submits to his own will.

For those who think they are better, life often makes them come down from their desk. If your power of persuasion works here on earth, it will be nothing trough death. Stop believing you have a mission. Humility is the lucidity of putting oneself back in its rightful place as a simple human person, incarnated solely to participate in this experience of life on earth. Your only challenge is to live by beating the traps of the ego every day. Humility is to be responsible. We live in a frantic race of success where competition has become a way of life. But competition divides, creating winners and losers, generating anger, frustration, revolt, fueling the vicious cycle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth".

Drop the sense of pride of belonging to a group, an ethnicity, a philosophy, a community because in reality there is only one human "race". This pride that generates the need to conquer territories, the need to possess, to stand up the torso has no place for a humanity in perfect balance. Practice a letting go, being in non-control because the need to control and bring everything back to one's little one, generates on the human, body disease and mentally create the status of eternal manipulative victim. The understanding that nothing is ours, that everything is lent to us during our time on earth and that each and every thing is useful to the earthly experience.

Abnegation, the resilience of finally living every moment fully because our real power to evolve personally is only possible in the present moment.The past is no longer to look at and the future, always in motion, depends on the attitudes and actions of your present. Humility is Discretion. It is better to avoid rubbing shoulders with those who claim to be brilliant, because whoever really is, does not need to say it openly; it shines without absolutely having to attract attention. Cultivate kindness by offering with your heart, a benevolent look, a smile, a tender gesture, a word of encouragement, a prayer, an action devoid of interest, a part of you that will come alive in the other and show the way.

The generosity of life that expresses itself never expects anything in return. He who is Humble does not seek to crush the other, nor to compare himself, nor to harm voluntarily. Follow the Intention of your Heart. This first impulse that emanates spontaneously from you and pushes you to listen without judgment, to understand the path of the other, to help him only if it is necessary or to let him go about his life. Yes, Humility does not linger to help at all costs, its wisdom is to dare to say No, to close the door.

Humility is to lower oneself to check with the other if what you think you have understood is a reality or a misunderstood assumption on your part. Because, it can, later, harm you or your journey. The feeling of persecution, slander, accusation without discernment is contrary to Humility. Demonstrate smart communication and good citizenship. Common sense must be put in place in a sustainable way. Keep in mind that we must act responsibly to give the next generation a chance to continue on. If this seems too simple and childlike, notice the general mess on earth, because the evils of humanity today are a reflection of the profound lack of Humility.

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