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Welcome to our journal

Life is a journey where we are all looking for what makes the most sense for us, where we all try to find happiness.

Writing for the passion of writing, to express a meaningful life through words, that is the essence of this journal. Life is a series of transformational experiences that lead us to understand the essence of it, its value. Through our enthusiasm to seek, to understand and to affirm who we are or where we come from, we all try to find happiness. Life is a real journey.


Inspired by past experiences or hopes for the future, we travel through life adopting behaviors that make the most sense to us at all times. In addition, there are traditions passed down between generations that influence us. This helps to form cultures.


Between humans, there are so many differences. As if everyone lived their journey differently. Despite these differences, the reasons for our quest for happiness bring us together more. The how we do things is different, but the why is similar. We all live in different cultures, all looking for what makes the most sense for us.

Let's make this journey together!

Artha's  founders