The art of writing 

Life is an art, a great master piece of art. It is so because it implies us to feel it through all its currents, forms, spaces, waves etc., comprised in unique moments. And we choose to create among this, to express what inspire us, what makes sense for us. We should always feel that who we are or what we are makes sense with life. 

Artha specializes in content that give meaning to the art that we call life. It helps the world understand and see what really matters. Using words that resonate in people's hearts, it inspires them to make a difference. Artha creates a way to see the whole picture, aiming to reach the right people the right way.


United by our quest for meaning, we have come together to form a team of incomparable knowledge. Artha's greatest strength is the integrity, sensitivity, transparency and professionalism of its team.

For a long time we have been searching what really makes sens in life. We know a little more today, but we still search and always will.

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Maxim Daniel Poulin and Jessica Paquet

 Artha's cofounders